bee hive lift

Zygi-lift is an all-terrain electric hand truck beehive lift. Can safely lift up to 170kgr and up to 1.5 meter high.
It works perfectly on harvesting and transfering your hives, it is a perfect replacement of a clark for your warehouse jobs and has many other uses.
The front wheels are removable, forks position is adjustable and joysticks usage is very easy.

Why zygi-lift

Labour costs

When the amount of your hives increase, all your beekeeping jobs require an extra worker. Especially in harvests with the zygi-lift you don’t have to search for a last minute strong worker.

Back pain

Do yourself and your partners a favour no to lift heavy weights.

Inside the warehoure

By replacing the front wheels with casters it becomes a fully electric walkie stacker.

beehive monitor scales zygi
George Setementes

We use zygi-lift to all our harvests. It is an essentail tool for us. I highly recommend it.

Proffessional Beekeeper

Technical details

  • Lifting Height: 1.50 meters
  • Maximum load weight: 160 kgr
  • Distance between front wheels: 67.5 cm
  • Dimensions. Height:210 cm. Width: 99 cm. Length:70 to 103 cm (adjustable)
  • Weight with batteries: 90 kgr
  • Battery autonomy time: 5 hours. Supplied together with the charger
  • Electromagnetic brake
  • 2 handles to fully control the 2 motors
  • Can be self loaded on a truck
  • Space for a tool carriage box
  • Adjustable forks distance
  • Front wheels can be changed to casters for easy operation in warehouses (optional)
  • Patent protected design.


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    Theodore Belogiannis
    tel: +3069-08794577


    Panioniou 4, Athens, Greece. PS: 16122

    The participants

    Theodore Belogiannis

    Project management – design

    John Bolierakis

    Design. Experienced engineer in commercial shipyards

    Manos Sotiropoulos

    Design. Mechanical Enginner

    George Setementes

    Tester. Professional beekeeper