Frequently Asked Questions

Can I configure the device on my own ?

Of course. There is a detailed user manual. You can also configure it remotely.

Can I send commands to the device whenever I want ?

No. The device is most of the time in deep-sleep mode. Only whenever you receive an SMS the device is awake and for 10 minutes from that moment you can communicate with the device.

Are there any hidden costs ?

No. You only have to pay for the cost per SMS or data to your mobile provider.

If the device is stolen is it usable ?

The device has an unbreakable configurable password and without it the device is unusable.

Could I upgrade zygi to support camera in the future?

Yes. The add-on will include a separate enclosure with a high resolution IR camera and a PIR radar sensor to upload photos and videos to cloud user space using the existing SIM card with the zygi scale.

Mobile network’s technology varies among countries and continuously change. How do you ensure proper operation?

The device ensures international support due to its Quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM, DC-SPA+/HSPA+/HSPA/WCDMA wireless module.

Everything sounds great but I don’t really trust you guys?

From the moment you buy from us there is a 2 months trial period in which you can return the product to us and return you the money.

I like zygi but I want it customized to my own needs.

You can describe your special needs and we can offer you a customized solution.