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κάμερα μελισσοκομίας beehive camera

Camera at your apiary

What is it about:

It is a high definition (5 Mpixel) waterproof camera plugged in to the zygi scale with a 3 meter cable. A specific time a day you receive by e-mail a series of pictures from your apiary. The system does not disturb the scale sensors data which are still coming by your defined way (sms internet or email)

It is not a surveillance system with motion sensor although future release will be possible to include such feature.


With the camera add-on you supervise your apiary and you see whether your bees are out collecting or not.
The system works perfectly with the zygi scale without influencing the power consumption of the system. What you have to do is simply plug the camera and attach it to the top of the beehive or anywhere else with the aid of a magnet included.


The price of the camera together the wooden zygi pri 3g dual is 320 euro.
The price of upgrading from an existing scale is 70 euro excluding shipping.

κάμερα μελισσοκομίας beehive camera

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