In beekeeping

Increase production:

Honey production of each site depends on many factors and within a wide geographical area may have large fluctuations. Spread your bee-hives to various locations in the same geographical area and put Zygi to bee-hives with a known production capability. Within a short time you will know the most productive location. Move your apiary to this location and increase your production.

Cost & time saving:

Visits to the apiary can be an enjoyable trip but costs. With Zygi you can dramatically limit useless transportation as you can monitor your apiary production. Visit apiary whenever it is really necessary.


With Zygi you can place your beehives in far-away locations in a safe manner. Although it is not possible to secure all bee-hives, you can narrow down the possibilities. In case of an alarm call Zygi from your phone and listen to the area for verification. If you make sure that it’s a theft attempt ask Zygi to send you its coordinates to find the thief.

Custom solutions

It can be included in existing automation system as-is or customized to your requirements. If your application requirements are similar to the one’s that Zygi provides don’t hesitate to call us to adjust Zygi to meet your requirements.