Frequently Asked Questions

Can I configure the device on my own ?

Of course. There is a detailed user manual.

Can I send commands to the device whenever I want ?

No. The device is most of the time in deep-sleep mode. Only whenever you receive an SMS the device is awake and for 10 minutes from that moment you can communicate with the device.

Is it tested with all mobile service providers ?

Almost yes. It has been tested with most european mobile providers.

Are there any hidden costs ?

No. You only have to pay for the cost per SMS to your mobile provider.

Is the base mandatory ? Can I make it on my own ?

The base is not mandatory to accomodate the scale but it is very easy to make it your self. It is worth to do it, as transportation costs will be reduced significally. We also send you the design notes in the user manual to do it your self.

If the device is stolen is it usable ?

The device has an unbreakable configurable password and without it the device is unusable.

I like zygi but I want it customized to my own needs.

You can describe your special needs and we can offer you a customized solution.

How accurate is your location finder ?

The location coordinates are based on mobile cell network from up to 6 adjacent pillars. Depending on the strength from each signal the location radius is limited to less than 500 meters.