zygi basic

This cost effective beehive scale has gained reputation due to its low price, precise weighing system and ultra sensitive gsm receiver. Now with the optional addition of the solar panel you can monitor measurements with every time interval you like.

Main unit

20 grams analysis weight scale with maximum weight 150 kgr
Alarm sensor with a-gps coordinates
ON/OFF switch
6xAA alkaline of alkaline or NiMh batteries
SMS and internet application fully configurable
2 years warranty.
Price: 170€

Wooden box

Zygi main system is placed inside a specially designed beehive bottom board made of 1.5cm plywood sheets. Can be self made.
Price: 20€

Solar panel

Solar panel and solar charger together with rechargeable batteries (not included) for continuous operation.
Price: 40€

Application for mobile phones

Easy to use mobile application
Price: Free

Sim Card

Global sim network support for use with any network provider
Price: 30€/year

What beekeepers say

beehive monitor scales zygi
Alichos Vasilis

It is a reliable scale with a very good accuracy. Configuration is very easy and the 3 batteries are enough. It has become an absolutely necessary tool in my beekeeping occupation.
Source: http://alichosbees.blogspot.gr/2015/02/blog-post.html

Professional beekeeper, Patras
beehive monitor scales zygi
Angelos Nikoloudakis

This is a very reliable device-tool, stable in its function, great autonomy time , easy to set up and in a very good price.
Source: http://athirabees.blogspot.gr/2016/05/blog-post.html/

Professional beekeeper
beehive monitor scales zygi
John Korais

I use the beehive scale from zygi.gr and I strongly recommend it. It works without any issues at a really low price!
Source: https://www.facebook.com/ΚΤΗΜΑ-Αδαμάντινος-Μελισσοκομικά-προιόντα-Γιάννης-Κοραής

Professional beekeeper


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