Zygi is a precision weighing scale with an alarm system. You remotely monitor beehives in terms of weight and weather conditions and also secure them with an intelligent alarm system. Events are notified through SMS, email or stored to a secured web page 3G-GPRS.


high quality pcb
  • Latest technology at an affordable price
  • Camera 5 Mpixel
  • 3G network support
  • 5 years warranty
  • Robust metal construction with wooden cover and IP65 protection level
  • Can send 3 measures in a single sms, email and password protected web page with smartphone applications
  • Plenty of peripherals: Second scale, high gain antenna, brood humidity-temperature sensor, tilt sensor, water level , rain collector
  • 2 years autonomy time with 3 economical alkaline batteries

Why zygi

Network support

Mobile providers continuously upgrade their networks. The 3G network module ensures continuity and international support. Additionally, the external booster antenna ensures reception even in areas where mobile phones are out of signal coverage.


Scale is very accurate in outdoor conditions. Also with the second scale results are ensured. You can experiment with different breed to see which one performs better in the area


Scale supports 5MPixel camera. You can remotely view your apiary specific times a day.

Technical data

♦ Galvanised metal chassis covered by plywood sheets 15mm. Dimensions: 53x41x10 or 51x35x10 cm
♦ C3 OIML certified load cell for linear measures from -10 up to +60°C.The second scale (optional) is connected to the main unit with a 3 meters robust cable
♦ 3 D size alkaline batteries gives autonomy of 2 years (1 sms/day)
♦ Antenna 3dBi. Option is a booster antenna 12dBi
♦ Integrated tilt sensor activates alarm
♦ Micro SIM card compatible with all mobile phones
♦ Wireless module supports Quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM, DC-SPA+/HSPA+/HSPA/WCDMA, high precision ADC, ARM Cortex M0+ microprocessor 32bit 48MHz
♦ All components are from the certified distibutors and CE-RoHS compliant
♦ Sensors: Ambient temperature -40 to +100°C, relative humidity 0 to 100%
♦ Optional sensors: Brood temperature-humidity, watel level, magnetic sensor, siren 110db, rain collector
♦ 5Mpixel 30fps NoIR camera

zygi scale as shown in section view

zygi scale as shown with hive on top

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Metal only

Galvanized 25X25mm baked iron with low profil and easy plugged peripherals

Wooden box

Wooden box made of 1.5 cm plywood sheets giving extra strength to the weighting system and weather protection.

Antenna booster

High gain 3G antenna for areas with weak signal

Liquid level sensor

To be informed of bees watering. Can be mounted externally.

Siren Screamer

105dB alarm siren.

Rain sensor

Rain gauge to measure precipitation.


Apiary camera

zygi basic

The successful model zygi basic

What beekeepers say

Kenth Borglund

I use the double scale version and I’m very satisfied of the performance and technical support.

Hjälteby, Sweden
John Edmonds

In Australia we use it with the booster antenna and water level sensor in very distant areas.

Professional beekeeper, Mount Duneed Australia
Alichos Vasilis

It is a reliable scale with a very good accuracy. Configuration is very easy and the 3 batteries are enough. It has become an absolutely necessary tool in my beekeeping occupation.
Source: http://alichosbees.blogspot.gr/2015/02/blog-post.html

Professional beekeeper, Patras
Epaminontas Theodoros

I strongly recommend zygi for it’s high precision weighing system.

Epirus beekeepers
Theodore Fasilis

It does all that it says…
Source: http://www.organic-honey.gr/

Professional beekeeper
Angelos Nikoloudakis

This is a very reliable device-tool, stable in its function, great autonomy time , easy to set up and in a very good price.
Source: http://athirabees.blogspot.gr/2016/05/blog-post.html/

Professional beekeeper
John Korais

I use the beehive scale from zygi.gr and I strongly recommend it. It works without any issues at a really low price!
Source: https://www.facebook.com/ΚΤΗΜΑ-Αδαμάντινος-Μελισσοκομικά-προιόντα-Γιάννης-Κοραής

Professional beekeeper