Zygi is a precision weighing scale with an alarm system. You remotely monitor beehives in terms of weight and weather conditions and also secure them with an intelligent alarm system. Events are notified through SMS, email or stored to personal web page. Supports sound listening of the surrounding area!



Load cells

Humidity sensor +-3%

Rolling bar tilt sensor (10 degrees)  to activate alarm

N/O alarm input

Microphone for listening-recording surrounding area

Beehive brood temperature

Autonomy time

Android application

Email support

Web interface

Dual weight scale

3G network support

2nd Humidity/Temperature sensor

2nd N/C alarm input 

Alarm buzzer 110 decibel


Full Warranty



zygi pro

Galvanised metal chassis with 1 high presicion load cell  covered by plywood sheets 15mm. Optional stainless steel (AISI 305) chassis

1 C3 OIML certified load cell 150Kgr, 1 gramm analysis

1 year with 3 D batteries

53x41x10 or 


5 years



(-8% 250€) 

zygi 3G dual

Like the PRO model with additional support of second scale, 3G network (ultra sensitive receiver) and multiple sensor inputs and outputs.

1 C3 OIML certified load cell 150Kgr, 1 gramm analysis

1 year with 4 AA batteries

53x41x10 or 


5 years

Upon request


+120€ the extra scale


zygi basic

Beehive scale made of glass chassis with 4 planar load cells covered by plywood sheets 15mm. 50 gramms analysis and 2 years full warranty. Price 200€.

zygi assembly

All electronics from a zygi pro without the metal and wood construction. Price 200€. Photo

Liquid level sensor

To be informed of bees watering.


N/O or N/C switch to activate alarm

Reed switch

N/O or N/C magnetic reed switch for alarm.


Upgrade from basic to pro.

Why choose Zygi

Very low power consumption

Consumes very low power in deep sleep mode being totally harmless to bees.

Cost efective

We made a clever design to make it affordable to hobbyist and professional beekeepers. We give 5 years complete warranty, lifetime support and trial free period.

Fully customized reports

The software supports sms/email/web interface. Up to three recipients and with any time intervals for sms users. Everything is easily programmable local or remote. Graph representation for each mode of operation.


Precision weight scaler

The mechanical contruction of the galvanized chassis with the 15mm wood and the top quality sensor gives uniform weighing capabilities on every point of the platform. Scales are temperature compensated from -10° up to 60° Celcius giving outstanding linear measurements in a wide temperature range. The result is true 1 gramm analysis.


Proper system operation from -30°C to +70°C. Tests have been made at the laboratories of a certification company Labour SA.
GSM sensitivity has be proven better than any mobile phone in the market.

Technical support

We provide excellent support. We work on that project for several years and we are proud to provide 5 years of full warranty!


The adjustable sensitivity tilt sensor and external digital inputs activates the alarm system. Upon alert, corresponding sms/email are sent with the current coordinates of the device giving you the capability to verify alarm by a voice call.


The web edition of Zygi gives you the possibility to upload sensor data on the Internet. The alarm events are still sent by SMS for prompt intervention.

The web service is free of charge and accessible from any web browsing capable device (computer, smartphone etc.)
User can configure the device in every mode he-she wishes, SMS-WEB-EMAIL.

IoT sensor data logger in graphs

Zygi main system is placed inside a specially designed wooden box made of 1.5 cm plywood sheets giving extra strength to the weighting system, weather protection and invisibility to thieves.

μελισσοκομικη ζυγαρια Langstroth


Huawei Wireless Module Quad-band GSM/GPRS (Zygi PRO).
Huawei EDGE/GPRS/GSM, DC-HSPA+/HSPA+/HSPA/WCDMA, LTE (option), GPS/GLONASS (option) (Zygi 3G dual)
Texas Instruments High precision ADC.
NXP ARM Cortex M0+ microprocessor 32bit 48MHz.
All components are from the certified european distibutors, farnell, mouser etc.
All components are CE and RoHS compliant.
The circuit board is coated with a special resin for extra protection in extreme weather conditions.

high quality pcb

high quality pcb

What beekeepers say

Alichos Vasilis

It is a reliable scale with a very good accuracy. Configuration is very easy and the 3 batteries are enough for at least 6 months. It has become an absolutely necessary tool in my beekeeping occupation.
Source: http://alichosbees.blogspot.gr/2015/02/blog-post.html

Professional beekeeper, Patras
Theodore Fasilis

It does all that it says…
Source: http://www.organic-honey.gr/

Professional beekeeper
Angelos Nikoloudakis

This is a very reliable device-tool, stable in its function, great autonomy time with 3 ΑΑΑ batteries […], easy to set up and in a very good price in these times of economic crisis!
Source: http://athirabees.blogspot.gr/2016/05/blog-post.html/

Professional beekeeper
John Korais

I use the beehive scale from zygi.gr for more than a year and I strongly recommend it. It is works without any issues at a really low price!
Source: https://www.facebook.com/ΚΤΗΜΑ-Αδαμάντινος-Μελισσοκομικά-προιόντα-Γιάννης-Κοραής

Professional beekeeper

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